Inseparability [noun]

Definition of Inseparability:


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Sentence/Example of Inseparability:

Fischbacher and his longtime partner, Roy Horn, were inseparable throughout their career, which lasted more than 40 years.

Even without high-tech human intervention, the evolutionary reality of continuity among all living things is inseparable from the fact that all lineages have themselves evolved—that is, they have changed over time, and continue to do so.

Besides having a passion for the animals, conservation and human health are inseparable, she says.

Widespread use of this technique could lead to a world where object and color are, quite literally, inseparable.

This sense of mission he has is inseparable from his identity, he’s consumed by it.

Whence arises the inseparability of the ideas of body and extension?

I do not affirm the identity of two things, but only the inseparability of two ideas in our mind.

Inseparability does not destroy the existence of parts; it merely asserts the force of cohesion.

We have already spoken as to the inseparability of attributes; we now speak as to that of matter.

They are three sisters, as such always inseparable, and in their inseparability alone are Graces.