Inseparable [adjective]

Definition of Inseparable:

unable to be divided

Synonyms of Inseparable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inseparable:

Sentence/Example of Inseparable:

During this time they are inseparable, and I am just a body.

At the center of Netflix’s Firefly Lane are Kate and Tully, a pair of inseparable best friends who meet in 1974, when they’re 14 years old.

Conversations about democracy, technology and the economic dominance of surveillance capitalism are now inseparable.

Mrs. Dodd was not alone; she had two visitors, old Mrs. Wurzel and her inseparable companion, Miss Grains.

He had a daughter, Helen, about the age of Grace, and the two became inseparable friends.

The name of James Prosser, among the merchants of Philadelphia, is inseparable with their daily hours of recreation, and pleasure.

She knew she possessed them, because they were inherent, inseparable with her being.

Mr. Lindsay, as a difficulty, was almost inseparable to anything like a prompt step in that direction.

Liosha is there, too, as the inseparable and peculiarly invaluable companion of Jaffery Chayne.

In the five months since Ikey had come to stay with his grandparents the boys had become almost inseparable.