Inserting [verb]

Definition of Inserting:

put, tuck in

Synonyms of Inserting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inserting:

Sentence/Example of Inserting:

I mark this by inserting a paragraph-mark ( ) at the beginning of each tern.

In some of the extant examples portions of this gold has been removed by inserting a knife between the plates of glass.

Many designs can be made by inserting colored straws into the natural weave.

The manner of inserting these spokes before making the bend is shown at G and T, Fig. 6.

Inserting these values in our general equation and calculating the result, we obtain 18.1E6 as the value of the constant.

After thus inserting the dart, hold it as shown and give a quick, sharp blast of the breath into the gun.

After inserting the strip of galvanized metal, A, Fig. 5, the sides are clamped together with bolts about 3-1/4 in.

The position of the face can be changed by inserting the stick so that the wire will enter the right groove.

By inserting a wooden rod and valve, this tube would be converted into a powerful syphon, or syringe.

What motive they had for inserting the words, "indefinite and exclusive," is left to conjecture.