Insertion [noun]

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By the time 2023 rolls around there should be plenty of rides to choose from, and indeed Firefly’s own Alpha launch vehicle may be flying by then, though it’s not ready to commit to a lunar insertion orbit mission today.

In its announcement, Spotify said that once the transaction closes, streaming ad insertion will be available to all podcast publishers across Megaphone, making it easier for them to run ads.

The only addition made to it when in use is the insertion of a quill or straw as a mouth-piece.

There is a degree of evenness and keenness of cutting and clean insertion beyond which it is not possible to go.

Nor does the insertion of the wrong date avoid the note in the hands of a regular subsequent holder.

But the insertion by the payee of the words "interest" after the making of a note by authority of maker will not vitiate it.

The insertion of whyte in l. 905, in the existing authorities, is surely a blunder, and I therefore have omitted it.

It is true, I could see them; but not with sufficient distinctness to insure the proper insertion of the initial threads.

In proof of his sincerity, his grace moved the insertion of this notice on the journals of the house.

The necessity for this insertion shows that Westphal's transposition is not in itself an easy one.