Inshore [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inshore:

“I can take one of you,” answered Tom, pointing the canoe inshore with a turn of his paddle.

When it was daylight, here was the clear Ohio water inshore, sure enough, and outside was the old regular Muddy!

We could see that the set of the current below ran close inshore, although doubtless the water there was very deep.

The inshore squadron was gradually increased till it numbered ten sail-of-the-line.

As we came inshore, the main body of the archipelago was found to be separated by a mile and a half from the mainland.

He is neither ahead nor astern nor to seaward of us; therefore he must be hidden somewhere inshore.

The cliff has a sheer drop to the water, which is here deep, so that large vessels can pass close inshore.

The French being to windward, drew inshore; and the English fleet was becalmed six or seven miles to the westward.

The morning after she reached there she saw a ship inshore preparing to sail westward.

A bare-legged man, pushing a shrimping-net before him, waded through the shallow waters, close inshore.