Insides [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insides:

They were so hot that the butter melted over them instantly, and crisp outside, with delicious, runny insides.

He demanded something to eat six or eight times a day, so I wondered if I had fitted his insides properly.

Stir over the fire till it becomes a thick paste, and fill the insides of the birds with it.

Hang the birds as long as possible, then pluck and draw them and wipe their insides with a soft cloth.

He'z quiet and peaceable, but the insides don't like to ride with him.

When those brittle shavings were freshly peeled their outsides were a rich chocolate tint and the insides a tender shade of lilac.

Mike was watching her as she spoke, and he found his emotions getting all tangled up around his insides.

Strips of calico and webbing were sewn over the insides of the light tents to strengthen them for sledging in the summer.

When the time is my own, it is of far more value to me for the insides than to my employer for the outsides of the books.

On the upper part of the body it is brown, but the under part and insides of the limbs are whitish.