Insights [noun]

Definition of Insights:

intuitiveness, awareness

Synonyms of Insights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insights:

Sentence/Example of Insights:

I visited a family at Rotterdam into which a fellow-student had married, and had pleasant insights into Dutch life.

Mysticism is not superstition, nor are the insights of the poet the whimsies of the mere impressionist.

A few observations about these examples offer insights on which to test and evaluate means of applying Rapid Dominance.

They give insights into the manners of the times no less interesting than authentic.

Who would dare deny the worth of the great moral insights of Dante?

Our political thinking needs the infusion of contemporary insights.

His insights are those of the gifted evangelist, often profound and always narrow.

They are trying to recover the insights and practices of mediaeval piety; they are archaistic in devotion.

Uh—nothing, outside of possibly some insights into Marina—I mean, her personality and how she acted.

The higher insights and powers of the soul, always potential within, become of value only as they are realised and used.