Insignificantly [adverb]

Definition of Insignificantly:

a little

Synonyms of Insignificantly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insignificantly:

Sentence/Example of Insignificantly:

It was indeed naught but a nondescript box of a hole insignificantly wedged between the state apartments and the outer lobby.

The proportion of the business transacted in a so-called legal manner is insignificantly small.

Remember thy mother: how insignificantly small were her 259 demands, and what lot fell to her share?

Only a nobleman may be original; a poor penniless wretch upon town must be humbly and insignificantly commonplace.

Their numbers are so insignificantly small as not to be separately defined.

In this journal, insignificantly printed, was a flattering reference to Dudley.

We backed insignificantly into the rather scrubby, insignificant harbour.

The common sort of men seldome speak Insignificantly, and are therefore, by those other Egregious persons counted Idiots.

But many a name that rings in Spanish history is borne in Mexico by men quite as insignificantly placed as this.

The others sloped insignificantly into the pallid plain of the cheeks.