Insinuating [adjective]

Definition of Insinuating:

provoking doubt

Synonyms of Insinuating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insinuating:


Sentence/Example of Insinuating:

Marius frowned darkly, but before he could speak, Tressan was insinuating a compliment to the Marquise.

"I am afraid that it concerns all of us," the count was saying in a dangerously insinuating voice.

It does smell delicious, came in an insinuating tone from the window-seat across the room.

"The overland route does not lead directly through paradise, my dear Mrs. Stanley," admitted Coronado with insinuating candor.

The insinuating affectionateness and winning playfulness had hitherto not been brought out so distinctly.

But where 257 Delacroix is rough and violent, Isabey is caressing and insinuating: they are not brothers, but distant cousins.

It is an insinuating and insidious ailment and its progress is cumulative.

The Vicar took Wanless's words as insinuating that he wanted to drink, which was far enough from what Thomas intended.

Mr. Belcher saw the impression he had made upon him, and became soft and insinuating in his manner.

It is truly surprising, that the father of the faithful should listen to this insinuating request.