Insinuations [noun]

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“There was no awareness or insinuations of any type of inappropriate behavior when we became aware of the chatter at the time,” Schmidt told the Times.

Rivera has pushed back against any insinuation that Smith was the primary reason for the team’s loss, arguing instead that mistakes were shared by all three phases.

Any insinuation to the contrary is false — and an insult to her integrity.

It’s the attorney general decrying calls for criminal prosecutions rooted in politics, using his position as the head of federal law enforcement to make insinuations about a movement focused on reforming policing.

Power, and inherited influence, and exalted social position have a deadly insinuation.

Reputations for courage and audacity have thus been hourly established by the careful insinuation of hideous expletives.

I saw in one journal an insinuation that the incidents in the preliminary narrative were possibly without foundation.

She was thinking of his insinuation at Marshall Dean's expense.

He bridled up at the word "illiterate," and repudiated the vile insinuation.

And this insinuation embodies one of the main defects of the race.