Insist [verb]

Definition of Insist:

order and expect; claim

Synonyms of Insist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insist:

Sentence/Example of Insist:

I've tried suggesting we take turns making dinner, but he insists it's his passion and he gets great joy from cooking.

Olympic officials insist Tokyo Games on track for this summer

Chiefs officials insist the intent behind the team name, imagery and traditions has always been to honor Native people.

Tension has been building over the last several weeks over whether teachers in California will insist that all educators be vaccinated before they’re willing to return to schools.

Leftwich wanted to play wideout, but Headen insisted he would become Woodson’s backup quarterback.

Two others have since proposed a bill that would penalize members of Congress with a $1,000 fine if they insist on leaving their faces exposed inside the Capitol.

The President spent months insisting that mail ballots were a Democratic plot and the election would be “rigged.”

Seattle Storm forward Crystal Langhorne chuckled at Frese needing a wheelchair to move around when she was pregnant with twins but insisting on continuing to coach.

Reed, who would go on to win the tournament, insisted after the third round that a rules official told him he’d “done this perfectly,” and he pointed out that a nearby course volunteer said she did not see the ball bounce.

The Reddit poster Volkswagens1, who declined to give his name but said he lives in the Pacific Northwest, showed The Washington Post an image indicating roughly $400,000 in potential GameStop losses from the day but insisted he would not sell.