Insisted [verb]

Definition of Insisted:

order and expect; claim

Synonyms of Insisted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insisted:

Sentence/Example of Insisted:

The laws of electromagnetism, in particular, insisted that light had to travel at 186,000 miles per second regardless of the observer’s frame of reference.

To a person, the CEOs we convened insisted that over time, as IBM CEO Arvind Krishna put it, “Purpose and profit go together, reinforcing each other.”

Well, MSCHF insists that they went through all of the legal steps of incorporating Push Party and raising this round.

Smith, who received news media coverage as a candidate appearing to be at odds with the solidly Democratic constituents in Ward 8, insisted he is a loyal Ward 8 resident committed to fighting for local neighborhood issues.

The police have cracked down on protesters, but the opposition insists it isn’t budging until the election is held again.

Member Michelle Rief agreed, insisting the presence of police in school hallways is unwarranted, unnecessary and the “artifact of a failed policy.”

Co-workers insisted that he greet the top editor, William Shawn, with a “Hello” instead of a “Hi.”

Google pushed back on the suit’s allegations by insisting its services are beneficial for users and faces steep competition.

Conservatives have been divided about the wisdom of insisting that judges look in some detail at whether a regulatory statute actually does any good.

In early 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration insisted the company use a chase plane that would follow and monitor the drone in case something went wrong.