Insolation [noun]

Definition of Insolation:

energy from the sun

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Sentence/Example of Insolation:

The intensity and seasonal distribution of insolation are prime factors on which many important results hinge.

At the pole there is one maximum at the summer solstice, and no insolation at all while the sun is below the horizon.

Hence the amount of insolation received at this latitude is greater than that received on the equinox at the equator.

These circles may, however, serve fairly well as boundaries, because of their importance from the point of view of insolation.

The values of insolation are shown by the vertical distance above the plane of the two margins.

The great weakening of insolation at the pole, where the sun is very low, is especially noticeable.

The relative amounts of insolation received at different latitudes and at different times have been carefully determined.

The double period of insolation above noted for the equator prevails as far as about lat.

Therefore, the values of insolation diminish from a maximum at the equator to a minimum at both poles.

The polar zones have the greatest variation in insolation between summer and winter.