Insolently [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Insolently:

Monsieur Guillot was there, sitting insolently forward in his box, sleek and immaculate.

It was insolently lascivious, and seemed fond of affecting to gratify its strong desires in public.

No man could then rival him in the insolently aristocratic school of diplomacy which England has made her own.

Several times they insolently crossed our fields and that is something that Sheppy will not stand for.

He was not introduced to her, and never once spoke to her—only perpetually stared at her—so insolently and strangely.

She was sprawling over the room and—rather insolently—staring at me.

Never did victorious army act more insolently or with greater inhumanity.

These men, as they were Papists, so they behaved themselves insolently, and boasted much of their power and credit.

My own soul, we have to see that we do—though not publicly, not insolently, offend good citizenship.

She is dressed like a person of consequence in the palace, and confronts the guardsmen insolently.