Insomnia [noun]

Definition of Insomnia:

inability to sleep soundly

Synonyms of Insomnia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insomnia:

Sentence/Example of Insomnia:

Given the flood of studies, warnings, features and books about it, insomnia may come to define our age the way nostalgia defined the Romantics.

Anxiety disorders, insomnia, and dementia were the most common diagnoses.

The app has emerged as a national pastime, with some using it to research where their dates live or provide an escape from the pandemic blues, or as something to scroll through during bouts of insomnia.

I’ve battled insomnia my entire adult life, going through phases where it’ll be hard to fall asleep for months on end.

Neuralink is working on a kind of brain-computer interface that it hopes will one day help restore brain functions in humans with disorders like blindness, seizures, and insomnia.

The cattle seem to suffer from insomnia occasionally, and the hot nights rouse their predatory instincts.

In delirium tremens, they relieve when there are great restlessness, insomnia, the general lowering of the nerve power.

You wouldn't look well, if you'd been suffering from Insomnia every Afternoon for a Week!

Another favourite anecdote in New York is that of the Philadelphian who went to a doctor and complained of insomnia.

For those who still, in spite of attention to these points, suffer from insomnia, the following hints will be of service.