Inspected [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inspected:

I greatly admire his character, but he positively could not have made his way along the fire trenches I inspected yesterday.

Thus arrested in his flow of language, the youth carefully inspected his clothing and failed to perceive the "hairs" in question.

The first-rate modern furniture, by Gillow, was eagerly inspected by the curious, and fetched fancy prices.

Fetherston afterwards left the small assembly and made examination of some bedrooms he had not yet inspected.

He inspected the needle valve with much care, and had Foster on the front seat trying to start her afterwards.

I was inspected this morning by a superior General: am rather tired of inspections!

Just at this juncture Eric came in, having been delayed by Mr Gordon, while he rigidly inspected the imposition.

When the mobilization was ordered, every farmer brought his horses to the town, where they were inspected.

This could be done with safety only by working from the chamber upward, as the cells were daily inspected.

Thurstane took the lariat, inspected the breakage carefully, and scowled with helpless rage.