Inspecting [verb]

Definition of Inspecting:

examine, check

Synonyms of Inspecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inspecting:

Sentence/Example of Inspecting:

Miss Thangue sat forward with the frank curiosity of the Englishwoman when inspecting a foreign specimen.

She walked all through the house, from one room to another, as if inspecting it for the first time.

After a dusty walk round piers and beaches lunched with Hunter-Weston before inspecting the 155th and 156th Brigades.

Running upstairs she opened the door of a large chamber, and stood for a moment inspecting it.

After duly inspecting everything, we set off on our road home, and reached there in safety.

The detective had seen me "in the company of two friends, inspecting the office of Mr. Frick."

We are going to meet some business acquaintances with a view to inspecting some mining properties.

After months of testing and inspecting complicated electronic devices, he found simple gadgets amusing.

Mrs. Bert wandered about the room inspecting my books and pictures like a curious child.

This being our last rest day, I was out shortly after five o'clock with our acting General inspecting a new work.