Inspires [verb]

Definition of Inspires:

encourage, stimulate

Synonyms of Inspires:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inspires:

Sentence/Example of Inspires:

Social betterment must depend at every stage on the force of public spirit and public morality that inspires it.

I hope her longing for home was not of the same nature as that which a hand-organ inspires, Mrs. Estill.

This feeling inspires confidence and hope; and without these there can be no reformation.

To this day there is a spirit of reverence that inspires the visitor to this region.

I may say that I understand and respect the motive which I believe inspires her.

Do not poets often say that which they do not think, but which genius inspires them to write?

Vice never inspires anything like this, it is too much enslaved to the body.

He had shown the former how to spear kangaroos, he still exists and inspires poets.

No nightly trance, or breathèd spell, Inspires the pale-ey'd priest from the prophetic cell.

I have never seen any thing like the enthusiasm this college inspires in those who labor for it.