Inspiring [adjective]

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The original grades inspired widespread outrage when an algorithm applied appeared to disadvantage good students from poor backgrounds.

So we put together a creative, Outside-inspired PE curriculum to get you through the fall semester.

Rather than relying on a set of explicit hand-crafted instructions, modern algorithms use artificial networks loosely inspired by the mammalian brain.

The answer isn’t more selfies, but instead to be more inspired to speak up.

In his book, Moore provides such a test, which inspired the one you see below.

Ryan, in fact, has become one of the main faces of the company, gracing its home page, along with a color scheme that appears inspired by his days with the Astros.

Ted Mabrey, head of commercial, Palantir TechnologiesI love books and movies that inspire big ideas.

As a producer, musician, songwriter, and vocalist, he’s crafting works that are inspired by remarkable outdoor landscapes and capture the ecstatic feelings we have when we venture into the natural world.

Purchase your ticket today and prepare to be inspired by remarkable leaders like Marc Benioff.

This is what Nate Kleinman hopes to inspire with the Cooperative Gardens Commission, which he helped start in March to collect and send seeds to hubs across the country.