Inspirited [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Inspirited:

The attacked villagers, inspirited by the assistance they were receiving, fought with renewed energy.

Refreshed and inspirited, Fidunia and her dog went joyfully through all the exercises previously described.

I felt more inspirited by our walk to the Theresien Platz than by any pleasure we have had in Munich.

A flask of generous wine with which they had provided themselves, cheered and inspirited the sufferer.

Thomas, indeed, stood on the brink of the grave; but he was inspirited and sustained by the hope of seeing his daughter.

Inspirited hereby, Mr Wegg extended his right hand, and declared it to be a hand which never yet.

This inspirited the men, and they began to forget the labours they had gone through, as well as those that were before them.

Allied commanders said that the sheer presence of our troops in the offensive inspirited their own.

Inspirited by the fair spectacle below, we gained strength enough to descend.

So inspirited were the defenders that they now made several sorties and penetrated some distance into the wood.