Inspiriting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Inspiriting:

It is not an inspiriting kind of reading, but it is rich in sentiment, and perfectly unexceptionable in moral tone.

It was inspiriting to stand there, and watch the tide of victory rolling up the hill.

Quickened with his host's renowned good wine (and the bare renown of a wine is inspiriting), Edward pressed to be brilliant.

His inspiriting personal work might be calculated as worth eighty thousand of his opponents' best men.

The man raised the trumpet to his lips, and the clear and inspiriting strains of a hunting catch rang through the forest.

It was on this occasion that the incident took place which has passed down in the form of an inspiriting proverb.

However, a little pantomime soon occurred, as amusing as it was inspiriting.

Mounting the three freshest horses we could find amongst our stock, we struck off at an inspiriting gallop.

From much experience we can say that, in winter-time, the pier offers very inspiriting views.

Thus we had the sanction of a great example and the stimulus of an inspiriting tradition to point to for the choice of the ground.