Installation [noun]

Definition of Installation:

establishment, inauguration

Synonyms of Installation:

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Sentence/Example of Installation:

At eight pounds, this is a substantial board and care to follow installation directions must be taken.

A few years before the Bianchini Gallery show, in 1961, Oldenburg put on his own immersive installation called “The Store” on New York City’s Lower East Side, from which he sold his fake food made from painted plaster like it was a real grocery.

It took a year and a half and five additional camera installations, but the payoff was worth it.

The lion’s share of that ad spending — 80%, per MediaRadar analysis — was focused on app installation ads on Snapchat, one of TikTok’s biggest competitors for young people’s attention.

Last week, members of Britain’s House of Lords debated adding an amendment to a little-known bill regulating the installation of broadband in leasehold apartments.

A rather ridiculous instance of this occurred soon after my installation at the County Down.

It is contained in two cases on each side of the triforium of the chancel and blown by an electric installation of 85 h.p.

The last entertainment given there was the installation ball of the Knights of the Bath in 1802.

As soon as she heard of Gertrude's installation she rushed over to Putney at the highest speed of her motor-car.

A description of his coming to Lige may give some idea of the ceremonies which attended the installation of the bishop-princes.