Installations [noun]

Definition of Installations:

establishment, inauguration

Synonyms of Installations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Installations:


Sentence/Example of Installations:

(a) What installations for receiving and transmitting messages by wireless telegraphy were on board the Titanic?

It forms one of the most complete installations of its nature.

Bickerton found many odd jobs to occupy his time in connexion with the petrol-engine and the wireless installations.

The works and installations of all the railroads shall be handed over complete and in good condition.

For insulation tests on installations, direct-reading instruments are frequently used (see Ohmmeter).

Ross's captive wriggled with renewed vigor and at last thrashed free a foot to kick at one of the metal installations.

Jones was already ecstatically designing ground-level Dabney field installations.

The most recent of tunnel installations has just been completed in the greatest of all American mountain bores—the Hoosac Tunnel.

Chicago will see great installations of this service within the next few years.

Talk, indeed, of your pantomimes and gaudy shows; your processions and installations and coronations!