Installed [adjective]

Definition of Installed:

set up

Synonyms of Installed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Installed:


Sentence/Example of Installed:

There is a six-horse steam engine in use in Chester Cathedral (installed 1876).

Many churches have installed small dynamos to furnish current for the key action.

This fine instrument was installed in May, 1913, and hailed by the people of Denver with great enthusiasm.

Dr. Hudson installed a black box at the water-fountain, and he explained to the men what it was for.

The castle has every modern convenience, even hot-water heating—a rare thing in England—being installed.

Madame Behu would not hear of my lodging in an hotel; I was immediately installed as a member of her own amiable family.

When I go down to-morrow and get installed as the owner of everything, I shall see things in a new light.

Electric light was installed, but not a single fitting was out of accord with the age of the building.

Steam power was now installed, and the plant, increased by new buildings and machinery, ran day and night.

Corentin—M. du Portail—then installed the chosen husband of his adopted child into his own high official duties.