Installing [verb]

Definition of Installing:

set up, establish

Synonyms of Installing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Installing:

Sentence/Example of Installing:

"Go ahead and finish up the details, such as installing the lining," he said.

The good mechanic will employ a sketch of this kind when installing any piping.

Densham hastened him into the club and, installing him into an easy chair, called for brandies and soda.

To judge by what he shouts aloud, he intends carrying you off the first opportunity, divorcing, and installing you in Cobeck Hall.

Recently I made $375 in one month in my spare time installing, servicing, selling Radio Sets.

On their arrival, he had intended the immediate discharge of the disaffected and the installing of the new men in their places.

This conversation was held after we got back to the beach and were installing the guests in their quarters.

He had started an electrical business and was selling and installing appliances in that area.

And when the task of installing the plant was completed, the effective radius was far short of a hundred miles.

It did seem terribly lonely and forlorn to be going off and installing myself in boarding school.