Instancing [noun]

Definition of Instancing:

case, situation

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Sentence/Example of Instancing:

For instance, if you search Facebook today for vaccines, Facebook will gladly point you to several large groups that tell you not to get one.

According to Schwartz, there have been instances in which police officers on prescription medications like Xanax have been impaired on the job.

It depends on what your definition of “worth it” is, but coach’s challenges have certainly resulted in more instances of overturned calls than have requests.

Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum and Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, for instance, will serve as early voting locations.

The first-round defeat against the Jazz in 2017, for instance, came after just a 2-1 edge.

For instance, four codons code for the same amino acid, serine.

Ordinarily, the bulk of option contracts for equities consists of wagers on the broader markets—bets on which way the Dow Jones will move, for instance.

Despite its size, the Surface Duo doesn’t really give you the ability to watch videos across a bigger screen, the way other folding phones can, for instance.

Amazon’s Twitch Sings app, for instance, effectively puts the user in a virtual, global karaoke room wherever they happen to be, and its use has surged.

Connecticut’s page, for instance, does include such information, as do the pages of elections officials in many other states.