Instantaneously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Instantaneously:

Whereas if you’re heating a piece of metal in the atmosphere over the course of 10 seconds, then you get an instantaneous absorption of oxygen, many kilometers above the ground — great way of measuring the composition of the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Emails aren’t as instantaneous as they used to be and many people have found themselves using them solely for external purposes.

The control menu is excellent, with every action instantaneous, no loading or stuttering.

Neuroscientists already knew that memory formation is not instantaneous, and that the act of remembering is crucial to locking a memory into the brain.

The porter placed there by Longcluse, of course, opened the gate instantaneously at his call.

It was curious to watch the young girls as they instantaneously availed themselves of Mrs Mason's absence.

The sea air, however, has one most extraordinary quality—it removes a cough or cold almost instantaneously.

A little after sunset, the insurgents reached the forest, and instantaneously disappeared under covert.

An English farmer would instantaneously double or quadruple the produce of the province.

A bullet struck him to the right of the nose and killed him instantaneously; he was about to lead his regiment to the charge.