Instantly [adverb]

Definition of Instantly:

right now

Synonyms of Instantly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instantly:

Sentence/Example of Instantly:

Apple’s and Google’s devices enable strong encryption, which instantly afforded more security to users of iPhones and Android systems.

The system instantly knows which side of the virtual line the ball is on.

When students enter UC Berkeley unprepared for college-level math, they aren’t sent to a remedial classroom but to ALEKS, an adaptive tutor that can assess readiness and instantly adapt the curriculum.

Frisch told Bohr, about to board a ship to America, who realized instantly that fission confirmed his belief that an atomic nucleus behaved analogously to a drop of liquid.

At those speeds, even an object just a few centimeters long could instantly destroy a satellite, and send even more debris hurtling through space.

All your web pages should load instantly, otherwise, this can impact user experience and SEO performance.

It says that you need to provide your email address and name to access it instantly.

The combination means that while a conventional computer would have to chug through the numbers sequentially, an ideal quantum computer could sort through every possible combination of 1s or 0s instantly.

The character table above is instantly recognizable to mathematicians as the one for S3.

It was so easy to see that it made them instantly skeptical.