Instated [verb]

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Jinyi Guo, Luckin’s recently instated chairman and chief executive, said in a statement that the deal “reflects our cooperation and remediation efforts, and enables the company to continue with the execution of its business strategy.”

We have a chance to pull off an upset which nobody thinks we can do, and we’ve got our instate rival Virginia coming at home, so it can be a very memorable last two games.

Still, the more limited benefits instated by Prop 22 will cost Uber.

He had a hang-dog look when he was re-instated, and yet everybody knew that apart from this he was a fairly competent foreman.

I fancy not, unless Charles dies, in which case Ellen will be re-instated by the priest.

He was superceded on the 5th of the ensuing October—subjected to a court of inquiry—honorably acquitted and re-instated in 1782.

That was how Herbert Pryme came to be once more re-instated in the good graces of his lady love's father and mother.

Matters were soon arranged, and I was re-instated in my former position on the plantation.

A man had been displaced from his position there by his fellow strikers, and Ross had been re-instated.

Later in life he said that he regretted not having re-instated himself in citizenship and taken part in public affairs.