Instigated [verb]

Definition of Instigated:

influence, provoke

Synonyms of Instigated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instigated:

Sentence/Example of Instigated:

Another party are instigated by Episcopalian prejudices against New England.

The Brahmins, greatly indignant at this, instigated the people to revolt, and they hastened in numerous crowds to the temple.

The stubborn Ferdinand was therefore summoned once more, and charged with having instigated the upheaval of Madrid.

The reformation of the academy, instigated by him at Munich, demonstrated the one-sidedness of his point of view.

This man forgot that the law was instigated for the purpose of justice.

I have no doubt that Pizarro instigated the soldiers himself.

How often has he instigated and assisted the fury of hostile nations!

Half of them seem to have been instigated by doubt and fear.

Was it, indeed, a part of the great Southern rebellion, instigated by the emissaries of Jefferson Davis?

Practically all that has been done in Conservation in Mississippi has been instigated and encouraged by him.