Instigation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Instigation:

He believes private channels on all three platforms hosted the most aggressive planning and instigation for the Capitol siege.

At his instigation a persecution of unprecedented virulence raged like an epidemic throughout the empire.

There she abandoned her youthful lover at the instigation of Chatelet and of Mme. d'Espard.

Vegetable food in his new home was less abundant than in his old, and the instigation to agricultural pursuits was stronger.

At her instigation they had set out upon this adventure, which might well turn out according to any fashion that she chose.

At his instigation exploring parties were sent out, and one of these discovered the Brisbane river which was named after him.

Men, women, and children were involved in the massacres which took place at the instigation of the Jacobin chiefs.

But of course the Baron had arranged it all, for it was at his instigation, I recollect, that the crew had been given shore-leave.

The Provost-Sergeant had been watching them, at the instigation of a sharp-eyed, clerkly-looking man in semi-uniform.

At the instigation of the second and third engineers we reduced the payment to six dollars a day.