Instilled [verb]

Definition of Instilled:

implant, introduce

Synonyms of Instilled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instilled:

Sentence/Example of Instilled:

Strange perhaps to say, the suggestion of the old dowager, like instilled poison, was making its way into her very veins.

Poison was instilled into bunches of natural roses, and the fragrance, when inhaled, gave death.

Many of these, that had been early instilled into my mind by the teachings of a good mother, still remained fixed and true.

Thus, care of horses, riding and driving, had to be instilled from the beginning.

She will be considered negligent unless she has instilled into his rudimentary mind a smattering of whatever is accounted smart.

At the same time she had instilled into her youthful mind the lofty idea of the Unity of God, and the pre-eminence of the Jews.

The moral lesson instilled in the girl is not whether the man has aroused her love, but rather is it, "How much?"

The cut-off was so instilled into their minds that they had great confidence in the report and talked very favorably of taking it.

After mopping it dry drops of rectified spirits should be instilled.

Admiration for England, of a certain sort, was instilled into me in my youth.