Instilling [verb]

Definition of Instilling:

implant, introduce

Synonyms of Instilling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instilling:

Sentence/Example of Instilling:

Little by little we must try and see what we can do towards instilling that idea into the mind of Monsieur Douaille.

But immediately God set me up by instilling a beam of hope within my soul, that He would soon deliver me out of my trouble.

Everything to forefend against a day of stress or trial had been done, even to instilling courage into youthful hearts.

Still another favorite idea was that British emissaries were in the midst of the people, instilling notions hostile to paper.

One of the first requisites seems to be instilling into his mind a knowledge of God and His attributes.

Wrongs must be righted by laws, and by instilling into the hearts of all men a feeling of brotherly kindness.

Furthermore, she was slowly making progress in instilling into them the need and benefits of sanitation in their homes.

Mrs. Livingston was instilling the Camp Girl spirit into her almost without Jane's realizing it.

These particulars delighted Clotilde, and finished instilling into her heart a peace she had never yet enjoyed.

If the perforation be large, instead of instilling drops, some finely powdered boric acid may be puffed in.