Instinct [noun]

Definition of Instinct:

gut feeling, idea

Synonyms of Instinct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instinct:

Sentence/Example of Instinct:

It could have made Tristan question everything he was doing and doubt all of his instincts.

We definitely knew it was about the human instinct for companionship and love, and the human instinct for a social contract — believing and trusting people.

I think it’s got a lot of great knowledge on how to keep yourself safe and trust your instincts.

You just have a gut instinct and a lot of experience to be able to try and guide it in that way.

Perhaps you have an instinct that analyzing a certain data set would yield interesting results.

The instinct may be to cut down on marketing budgets to save money, but extreme changes in paid search strategies can have long-lasting effects on performance.

It seems to be a true instinct which comes before education and makes education possible.

Imitation of the ways of their elders doubtless plays a part here, but it is aided by an instinct for adornment.

Long before reason found the answer, instinct—swift, merciless interpreter—told him plainly.

From the movement behind him Marius guessed almost by instinct that Garnache had drawn back for a lunge.