Instinctive [adjective]

Definition of Instinctive:

reflex, automatic

Opposite/Antonyms of Instinctive:

Sentence/Example of Instinctive:

Ultimately, I was looking for the cues that trigger instinctive behaviors in mice.

High-minded and possessing a keen sense of honor himself, he had an instinctive aversion to anything mean or low in others.

Only by Smith's instinctive sense of direction did we make any headway toward the mouth of Sage Creek.

She was struck with his singularity, and impressed with an instinctive consciousness of his peculiar genius.

Blood-shed, oppression, extortion, and all the instinctive habits of the shrewd savage were again rife.

I recognize her with that instinctive certainty that is stronger than all convictions supported by all the proofs imaginable.

He did not appear to notice the half-outstretched hand, and Dick felt as though there was an instinctive antipathy between them.

Ida sat down gasping, when her companion stopped, and gazed with an instinctive shrinking into the gulf below.

Like all the passions, it is instinctive in origin, though it may come under the control of the intellect as the mind develops.

The instinctive homage of the human heart to genuine courage we pay to an endurance like this.