Instituting [verb]

Definition of Instituting:

begin; put into operation

Synonyms of Instituting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instituting:

Sentence/Example of Instituting:

He came to the conclusion that in instituting a comparison he had established a contrast.

These considerations point to the urgent necessity of instituting an inspection of the hearing in our schools.

The Emperor allowed three months to elapse, before instituting any inquiry into the past.

Hence they do not steadily conform to their primitive laws; and even, those of their own instituting they frequently infringe.

As an intelligent being, he incessantly transgresses the laws established by God, and changes those of his own instituting.

The tribe have thought it necessary to decrease their power to a certain extent by instituting a kind of council in every village.

To judge value is to engage in instituting a determinate value where none is given.

The count immediately took measures for instituting a new government.

On instituting this inquiry, it turned out that the last person who had set eyes on Rosanna was Nancy, the kitchenmaid.

For if a nation declares it has reached its majority by instituting self-government, then it cannot shirk responsibility.