Institutions [noun]

Definition of Institutions:

organization, usually educational

Synonyms of Institutions:

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Sentence/Example of Institutions:

With the announcement of the thirty-six directors, it was possible to proceed to the active opening of the institutions.

A bill brought into the English parliament vesting in the crown all the property of the monastic institutions.

Masonic lodges on the other hand, are generally regarded as charitable institutions.

He consequently became as hostile to the doctrines of the Church as he was to the institutions of the state.

I have now been a year in the United States, have talked with hundreds of Americans, studied them and their institutions.

They were received with much attention, and Madame Roland admired exceedingly the comparatively free institutions of that country.

Previous to this hour the Girondists had wished to sustain the throne, and merely to surround it with free institutions.

However arbitrary, there are certain policies that regulate all well organized institutions and corporate bodies.

The English and Scotch are republicans, with democratic institutions, living under a monarchy.

He did this to our satisfaction, and as we passed the various institutions his comments gave us a general idea of each.