Instructing [verb]

Definition of Instructing:

inform, teach

Synonyms of Instructing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instructing:

Sentence/Example of Instructing:

Then you are instructed to lie on a hard bed—it looks like a sun bed.

A spokesman for Police Chief Dave Nisleit said he’s instructed officers, in the meantime, to stop writing seditious language tickets.

San Diego Police Chief Dave Nisleit has instructed officers to stop enforcing a century-old law that forbids “seditious language” as elected officials begin the process of repealing it.

Then the nurses track down and notify the person’s contacts who’ve potentially been exposed to the virus and instruct them how to quarantine.

Public agencies across California are now required to rewrite policies and instruct their officers that it is only reasonable to take a life in defense against an imminent physical threat.

It’s used to instruct crawlers on how to crawl and index your page.

Did you personally instruct the New Orleans office to conduct the search of their records or cause such instructions to be given?

If Chloe is not well informed, indiscreet and talkative Lycinion must take it upon herself to instruct Daphnis.

Did you, yourself, personally authorize or instruct that the search be conducted which produced these telegrams?

Out of love for the people, Heaven appoints rulers to protect and instruct them.