Instructional [adjective]

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Human cells read those instructions and produce copies of the protein, which, in turn prime the immune system to attack the coronavirus should it come calling.

On Wednesday, New York City announced that the nation’s largest district — one of the first to open for in-person instruction — would join the ranks of cities closing their public schools.

You can read more detailed instructions on what precautions you should take for an in-person gathering here.

San Diego State University will pause the majority of its in-person instruction for the rest of the fall semester beginning Thanksgiving week, the U-T reports.

Human cells read those instructions and produce the viral protein, priming the immune system to ward off the virus should it be encountered later.

The FAA and Boeing had issued instructions for how to handle such a failure after the first accident, yet the Ethiopian crew wasn’t able to do so.

For these vaccines, the mRNA contains instructions for building the coronavirus’ spike protein, which helps the virus enter human cells.

Once the vaccine is injected, a person’s body will use those instructions to create its own version of the spike protein.

That’s a type of molecule that cells use to read the protein-making instructions.

The vaccine contains mRNA with instructions to create a protein that’s found on the surface of the coronavirus.