Instructive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Instructive:

The data becomes even more interesting—and instructive—over time.

Google’s discussion of “relevance, distance and prominence” is instructive but still relatively opaque.

The roots go back decades, but the past few months are instructive.

In structuring a participatory workplace health planning process, the experiences of hospital nurses are again instructive.

For Africa, a massive region of unrealized economic might, the past is particularly instructive.

Very instructive here is the way in which children will voluntarily come and submit themselves to our discipline.

The naïve conception of sky and earth, and lastly the moral issue of the story, are no less instructive.

As it had columns for recording statistics of the fair for a period of years, it was instructive as well as ornamental.

As these accidents are at once instructive and picturesque, it is well to note certain of them in some detail.

His remarks upon the situation of the villages with Danish names are most interesting and instructive.