Instructors [noun]

Definition of Instructors:

person who educates

Synonyms of Instructors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Instructors:

Sentence/Example of Instructors:

It’s also a problem if as an instructor you’re using language that suggests that certain arguments are trivial or that this is something that everybody learned in kindergarten.

Morse said he never had sex with anyone younger than 18 and he broke no rule as an instructor.

No matter our comfort level with the online world, nothing will ever replace one-on-one teaching and learning from instructor to student, whether for children or adults.

Of course, nothing replaces a real instructor sitting before a breathing, living class of students.

Last week, instructors at the Capstone College of Nursing, at the University of Alabama, received an alarming memo from their dean.

One of the theater’s instructors, Ashly McGlone reported in 2018, previously worked at Sweetwater Union High School District.

He was converted and baptized, and was the first Hebrew instructor at Harvard college.

But she did not succeed in finding a suitable studio, neither an instructor who pleased her, and she returned to Amsterdam.

Perhaps youd better not try any more to-day, Clara said the instructor.

Greatly agitated, she approached her instructor, when Mr. Read walked in;—a cynical iceberg!