Instrumentalist [noun]

Definition of Instrumentalist:

person who performs music

Synonyms of Instrumentalist:

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Sentence/Example of Instrumentalist:

At not even 25 years old, Mansur Brown is an exceptionally gifted multi-instrumentalist and producer from Brixton, London.

Performed on the stage in Arlington to a house shuttered to all but the singers, instrumentalists, technicians and crew, the numbers do all the work.

She used her skills to tutor her husband through college, guide her children on their own educational journeys and teach hundreds of instrumentalists and singers.

The star accompanist aspires to the same mastery when he plays for a famous singer or instrumentalist.

Now Jim was by no means a poor instrumentalist, and in addition was one of those fortunate individuals gifted with a fair voice.

At any rate no instrumentalist of taste would play the above song staccato.

The critic discusses the Premier both as vocalist and instrumentalist, and in both capacities finds him sadly wanting.

In this concert without a conductor, each instrumentalist played what he liked, confusing his own score with his neighbour's.

But Milton remains by far the surest and greatest instrumentalist, outside the drama, on the English unrhymed line.

Important alterations were seldom made by Mozart, unless at the instance of the singer or the instrumentalist.