Instrumentality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Instrumentality:

In this instrumentality, which has been of such extraordinary value to man, the lower animals are strikingly deficient.

But my opportunity finally came through the humble instrumentality of an onion.

Shall the Christian people deny themselves this instrumentality of getting a hearing for God and his truth before the world?

He acquired Louisiana through the instrumentality of Livingston and Monroe, who signed the treaty.

At this precise point human instrumentality ceases, and divine agency commences.

I also know that severe wrongs have been inflicted upon you through the instrumentality of my family.

It was through his instrumentality that Walla Walla secured its waterworks.

So spoke Germany to Charles V through the instrumentality of the knight.

Thus, the Reformer was consoled in the very words of his Master, by the instrumentality of the rulers of the world.

An immense revolution had thus been accomplished by the instrumentality of Luther.