Instruments [noun]

Definition of Instruments:

tool, implement

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Sentence/Example of Instruments:

The next instruments discovered in use among the Indians were straight, hollow reeds and forked canes.

For accurate work the best instruments are the von Fleischl-Miescher and the Dare.

The specific gravity method is very useful when special instruments are not at hand.

I played first and last, and the quartette in between was performed by the stringed instruments alone.

The flute, a component part of the organ, is one of the most ancient of musical instruments.

They merely used such instruments as fate offered, however trivial, however clumsy.

The two most pleasing, expressive, and powerful single instruments of music are the human voice and the violin.

It is not exactly so, but is still very different to the gradual swell on the other Cremona instruments.

This is a very curious and remarkable set of instruments, very highly finished and in fine preservation.

Assuming the above view to be reasonable, the number of new instruments which left the Stradivari house must have been very large.