Insubordinate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Insubordinate:

Of course, if the message still isn’t getting through, there may be a bigger issue at play, either with your boss struggling to assert her authority or your insubordinate peer failing to recognize it.

The sisters took advantage of the scandal she had caused to act in an insubordinate way towards her.

Drunk or sober, they were constantly insubordinate, setting a bad example to the crew, and quarrelling with each other.

"Pull yourself together, dear old officer," said Bones, raising his voice to an insubordinate pitch.

William Moore was an insubordinate gunner; after an altercation, Kidd hit him on the head with a bucket, and he died.

An insubordinate clergy and a dissolute populace quickly felt the hand that now held the reins.

He is the most insubordinate of all types as an employee and as a boss is the most inexorable.

Desperate Indians and insubordinate Negroes were the occasion of grave fears on the part of the colonists.

You'd expect to hear that the Ancient's conversation at mess is insubordinate, rebellious, or at least bitterly sarcastic.

Savage in the field, and untamable in the city, they became insubordinate and mercenary; nor was their conduct without excuse.