Insularity [noun]

Definition of Insularity:

a mental restriction

Synonyms of Insularity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insularity:

Sentence/Example of Insularity:

Traders — who call themselves, affectionately, an offensive term for people with developmental disorders — built their own insular subculture as they egged one another on for profit, camaraderie and the thrill of the hunt.

SwimSwam broke the news of Keller’s apparent involvement in the attack Monday, blasting the news well beyond the insular world of elite, Olympic-level swimming.

They didn’t do so by embracing narrow, insular efforts geared toward self-preservation.

It has at least this to its credit that we view our insularity with less composure.

We see now that there are two sides to this blessing of insularity.

For this I hope not to be accused of what is sometimes perhaps facetiously called ‘insularity’.

They know how badly they need help and they do mean to be as good to us as their benignant insularity will permit.

You, in this country, are subjected to the British insularity in weights and measures; you use the foot and inch and yard.

Here again insularity and contracted area do their work of compressing population.

Out of its insularity it made occasional excursions to dinners and week-ends; even into marriage, now and then with an outlander.