Insulation [noun]

Definition of Insulation:

the act of insulating

Synonyms of Insulation:

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Sentence/Example of Insulation:

Next to a reliance on carbon-heavy fuels for heating and cooling, poor insulation and associated energy loss are among the main reasons.

Robotic arms can post-process the composite, which combined with the company’s ability to automate the pouring of insulation and the 3D printing gives Mighty Buildings the ability to automate up to 80% of the construction process, the company claims.

In true Yeti fashion, its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps my drinks warmer than any mug I own.

The second method used to heat gloves is through insulation.

In static conditions, those lofted fibers trap a lot of air, providing a lot of insulation.

You’ll have some room to move around and store your gear, as well as insulation to help you sleep comfortably in most temperatures.

The Energy Department has a helpful guide to adding insulation to existing buildings, and most contractors can talk through the best option for your home.

It’s more than roomy enough to wear over your ski kit, with a hefty dose of synthetic insulation that’ll help you stay warm during a ten-degree rest stop.

Wool, fur, polyester fleece, and shearling are fantastic options when it comes to insulation and heat retention.

I would recommend steering towards synthetic insulation over down, simply because it is extremely effective at conducting moisture away from your body, and it’s pretty foolproof.