Insulted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Insulted:

We have become a society and a nation of echo chambers, where we gather with fellow like-minded people while making assumptions and hurling insults at “others.”

About how they spoke nicely to him at first, even asking about his medals, before spitting insults at him.

We need to take our politics seriously enough to not be distracted by people’s petty, illegitimate insults and remember that we’re actually fighting for our lives.

Like most humans, Monroe recalled the insult sooner than the compliment.

So it’s a compounding of perceived insults to democratic ideals.

Condillac after the marquis's death had refused to pay tithes to Mother Church and has flouted and insulted the Bishop.

I have not heard of a case of any one being personally insulted by an Austrian since I have been in Italy.

"You don't seem to know how to take me," said a vulgar fellow to a gentleman he had insulted.

Americans were frequently insulted, called cowards, and openly menaced by the insurgents.

Luna rushed down the stairs in a furious rage and insulted Captain Janolino in the presence of his troops.