Insults [noun]

Definition of Insults:

hateful communication

Opposite/Antonyms of Insults:

Sentence/Example of Insults:

And when wine had unselfed my noble father, you received his passionate insults with forbearance and forgiveness!

Aristide interposed, his Southern being athrob with the insults heaped upon the woman.

I endured his insults until the time came when further forbearance would have been a disgrace, and then I closed with him.

Of course the cook sought to counteract such tendencies, but he had to be very circumspect, for Sambo resented insults fiercely.

He was interred the next day amidst execrations and vulgar insults, which he could not feel.

The stranger swallows their insults, and casts toward the bridegroom a beseeching glance.

Bud chose the cooking, and went away down the flat, the bluejay screaming insults after him.

Open insults and threats were offered by the rebel soldiery whenever opportunity afforded.

M. de Noailles left London at six in the morning to avoid insults.

The servants gossip about me—the woman I have for a nurse despises me and insults me, and I have not the courage to rebuke her.