Insured [adjective]

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For instance, an insurance company might want to buy a contract that will pay them $100 million if the total insured losses from a Gulf hurricane striking Texas or Louisiana exceed of $20 billion.

It sent gold to Paris as fast as it could be shipped and insured, and so seems to have liquidated its debt.

Woe is me, the twenty thousand pounds were griped—the precious life of Mr Allcraft was insured—the London house was satisfied.

Indeed, any fraud of the insured in procuring the policy has the effect of voiding it if the insurer chooses to do so.

In mutual companies the persons insured act together to insure each other.

Of course, the wrongful facts or acts of the insured possess a varied character.

This method is in vogue in some sections, because still less money is required to keep property insured.

Nor can the insured protect himself by canceling the prior policy if he breaks the condition.

The contract becomes complete when the policy is put in the mail, postage prepaid, for delivery in due course to the insured.

And if the contract is with a person other than the insured as beneficiary, it would be void on the ground of mistake.